About Forum For Adoption Politics

Name: Forum for Adoption Politics (Danish: Adoptionspolitisk Forum (APF)
Address: c/o Kim Witthoff, Midgaardsgade 15, 4.th
Post code: 2200
City: Copenhagen N
Telephone number: +45 26 74 49 69
E-mail: [email protected]
Webpage: https://www.adoptionspolitiskforum.org
SE/CVR number: 35500030

Forum for Adoption Politics is an organisation for everyone who questions the system of transnational adoption as it is being practised in Denmark today. The mission of the organization is, among other things, to position adoptees as experts on their own lived experiences believing that adoptee voices should, as a minimum, become an equal part in the formulation of adoption-related policies. We wish to foster debate which in the long run will lead to radical reform of the system of transnational adoption.

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Publications in English and French

Korea Policy Institute and Korean Quarterly
Op-Ed by board member and Ph.d. Anders Riel Muller

Adopter en Europe, France 3
Interview with chairwoman Yong Sun Gullach

A New Narrative on Transnational Adoption, The Murmur
Interview with chairwoman Yong Sun Gullach

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