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Denmark, 25 August 2015

We, the Danish organizations Forum for Adoption Politics, Openness in Adoption, and Think Tank Adoption express our heartfelt concern, support and solidarity with first families in Kenya who risk losing their children to the transnational adoption system.

As adoptees and adopters we resist the unequal social structures behind transnational adoption and we work to address, enlighten and stop the corruption involved in child adoption trafficking in Denmark, Europe, Asia, Africa and America.

Every child has a right to grow up within its first family and community as well as keeping its identity, culture, language, race and religion. If a child cannot be raised by its first or extended family, it has a right to grow up in a foster family, children’s village or adoptive family within its own country.

We urge the politicians and adoption authorities in Denmark and Kenya to stop unlawful and unethical transnational adoptions, to work together in the best interests of every child and family involved in these unfortunate circumstances, and, if the relationship between the Kenyan families and the children is proven, to ensure a gentle reunification of first families with their children.


Adoptionspolitisk Forum (Forum for Adoption Politics)

Tænketanken Adoption (Think Tank Adoption) http://www.taenketankenadoption.dk

Åbenhed i Adoption  (Openness in Adoption) http://aabenhediadoption.dk 

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